Long Time in Sharing

I have learned and I am still learning that if ‘I’ think I  have a plan, God will inevitably tell me to sit down, shut up, and take notes.

In the last three months since the big move I thought we would have a whole horde of the check list done by now, instead I feel like some days I am just making my mental ends meet!

Painting – We’ve picked colors (Which took a month..)

The Basement – Has drywall up and we’ve bough the pot lights

The floors – Untouched

The only thing that has any kind of real forward movement is my sewing room (I set up the desk and unloaded some books onto the bookshelf.

For me I guess I have been learning one important lesson and that is

“Not all of what you want is going to happen at once.”

Like I said before, God has a way of making it VERY clear that this life, this plan, is in His time, not mine. And no matter what I do, He will do what is right for me. So I can stress, I can worry, and I can pull my hair out, but in the end how is that going to do anything for me? I already have wayyy to many grey hairs, why would I give myself more by stressing over things I have no control over?

The other thing I am learning about is “Resting and being content in the moment.”

There are so many times when we look at the grass on the other side of the fence and wonder why we aren’t there yet?

“Why am I still single?” “Why aren’t I married yet?” “When will we have kids?” “When will I get that new job?”

And we worry and worry and worry about things that are to come we forget there is a NOW!

So you’re single, God has a plan for the right man for you! So there isn’t a glimmer of kids on the horizon yet, God knows when you are supposed to have them! So why are you spending all those grey hairs on those far off things when you have friends, parents, siblings, partners and LIFE that still has to be lived!

I am in no ways perfect. I stress and fuss and worry like a sinner in church (Oh wait, I am!) But I know my GOD is bigger and wiser and I just need to hang on tight for the ride HE is going to take me on in Good Time!

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Paslm 4:8


Task #1

I can say with true and utter honesty that I had no idea how much work goes into packing up and moving a home.

And there is only two of us! (And a bug…But her stuff is ‘Poof‘ DONE!)

I can’t even fathom moving a house, children…and a husband!

When I was a kid we made one massive move that I can still remember clearly and distinctly. We moved from Calgary to the North of Wales in the United Kingdom. That is a story for another time. But the long and the short of it is that my family, as a whole, lived in that house for TEN YEARS, and have only recently sold it after FIFTEEN YEARS!

I feel like I’ve never really, truly moved in my life because I lived in that one spot for so long. Yes, moving back to Canada was a big step, but I had ONE suitcase not twelve-bazillion boxes and a dog crate.

To boil it all down,

I’m stressed.

That is about as simple as I can make it.

“Do I pack this now?” Where the heck did the packing tape go?” “Am I going to use this in the next week?” Why is the great ever loving fluffy cheese curl did I pack the tomato sauce?” “Is the dog freaking out?” “Why have I held onto THIS for six years?” “When did I buy JELLO?”

Have been but a few questions I have asked myself in the last…nine minutes.

In fact I have driven myself so crazy that I had to sit down with a cup of tea (With a tea bag I had to rescue from an already packed Life Bag) and take a moment to remember a few things.

God has got this.

Moving may be one of the most overwhelming moments in life, but I am not alone in anything I do. Not only have I got an amazing man in Jared who can take my hand and tell me to take a deep breath. Not only have I got amazing, kind, and loving friends in Amy, Jeff, and so many others who want to just come along and help us make this a smooth transition. But I have an All Powerful Creator who loves, cares, cherishes, and wants whats best for me backing me up.

I don’t have to feel overwhelmed, though I know I will some days anyway because – heck  – I’m human!

I don’t have to feel scared,

I don’t have to feel like nothing is going to turn out right,

I just have to take a deep breath and know that packing away the open jar of peanut butter might have been a bad a idea but it will be alright in the end.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 


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I wish I could tell you that I knew the first thing about blogging…

I don’t, but here is a good stab at a beginning. 


I’m terrible at beginnings, and it seems like everytime I sit down to write this intro something else feels off, so here is the bare bones of it.

We’re moving.

And it’s kinda a big deal.

We are moving from our tiny 1.5 (Because, really, the one bedroom isn’t used for more then storage.) bedroom to a massive 5 bedroom ranch house situated about twenty minutes outside of Calgary proper.

It’s a HUGE step!

I wish I could really explain how much emotion, anxiety and work has already gone into this move and I only started packing boxes three days ago!

So what I hope is that you will join us, Myself, my SO – Jared, and our furbaby – Lady, on this journey. It’s going to be a long road, and there is a lot of work ahead. There are floors to be refinished, basement to straight up finish and I’m sure a half dozen or more painting parties. (Never mind a new roof and possibly a chicken coop…)

There is one thing I will promise you though is that no matter what I will be real with you.

The Joy and the Pain,

The Wins and the Losses,

The Ups and the Downs,

I hope that thought all of it you will be able to see the Faith because that is what this move is, absolute Faith.

We aren’t perfect, I’m sure half of the stuff I share on here is going to be me sitting in a pile of cardboard boxes and half completed IKEA furniture that has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Or trying to wrangle chickens…

Or breaking a window…

But isn’t that all part of the fun?

In Faith,

Mya Jane